Is marijuana bad for you?


Today I want to discuss a very debatable topic; should marijuana be legalized? Is the use of it something that should be embraced, or shunned?

According to an article written by Paul Armentano, Deputy Director of the NORML Foundation, humans have been harvesting and consuming cannabis plants since 7,000 B.C.E.
That’s quite amazing, considering I could find no credible documentation of deaths confirmed to be the result of consuming cannabis. The most I could find was an article on a German study “claiming” to have documented the first two human deaths resulting from marijuana. There is no coroners report that I could find, and the results from that study go against many other studies that prove cannabis is not harmful, including a statement in The Journal Of General Internal Medicine.

Compare the alleged two deaths to the 480,000 annual deaths (as recorded by the CDC) caused from cigarettes and tell me that marijuana should be illegal while cigarettes are.

Another interesting thing to consider about the use of Marijuana is what it could do to our economy. Over 550 economists agreed that legalizing marijuana could boost the economy by $100 billion a year or more in an open letter written to the President, Congress State Governors, and State Legislators.

The petition can be viewed here

I am a woman who listens to the facts, and these facts indicate that there is nothing to fear concerning the use of marijuana.

Do you agree?


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