Tattoos and Piercings; Should They be Accepted in the Workplace?


Tattoos and Piercings are starting to be considered works of art. Despite that fact, many employers discriminate against individuals with either. 60% of employers said they ould be less likely to hire an individual with tattoos or piercings for fear of how their company would be viewed/presented.

Can They Do That?

Unless you live in the state of Arizona, yes, they can. Regardless of the First Ammendment, having a tattoo or piercing is not considered a right by the United States Goverment. Employers have the right to fire or hire as they see fit when it comes to body art.

Is It Fair?

No, I dont believe it is fair. Being the American that I am, I believe in my freedoms. I believe I have the right to dress myself however I please. I believe an employee should be judged on his/her ability to perform at work, not on the tattoos or piercings they do or do not have. I recognize that many others feel differently, and I am very interested in what people have to say. Feel free to express your opinion by commenting below.





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